*** Now we also have NEW WHITE CHIP for AT&T iPhones.***

Unlock Instruction

ICCID IOS IOS 15.1 (If code not working now, please wait for update)


89014103270421602475 ( All other Carrier )

89014103278673435379 ( AT&T ONLY )

For Gold Chip please use those steps ⬇️


1.Upgrade tothe latest IOS 15.1

2.plug U-SIMunlcok chips , and the iphone will pop-up menu

3.Select” ICCID Mode” from Menu, enter new iccid code:


then send and accept, restart your iPhone, connect to WIFI or Cellular network, wait for signal.

*** NOW Problemkiller Gold Chip Works like White Chip. You can remove the Gold Chip after Unlocked and you also can reuse for many iPhones.***


Please take off the Yellow Sticker of the Chip before using with your SIM Card.

  1. First update your iPhone IOS 15.0.2
  2. Insert your Sim Card with Our Gold Chip.
  3. Wait for “Signal Bars” and then Menu will pop up.
  4. Press, “MNC” and then Press, “ICCID+MNC Manual” and then Enter, ” ICCID CODE ” and then Press, ” Send and Accept.”
  5. Wait Couples Seconds and after seconds wait, now you will see, “No signal bars on the top of your iPhone,”
  6. Open the lock screen and press, “Continue”
  7. It will say. “It may take a few minutes to activate your iPhone.”
  8. Wait couple minutes, it will only ask you to sign in your iCloud account, if you already have set up iCloud account.
  9. Once you done all the steps, you will get to HOME SCREEN.
  10. WOW at this point your iPhone should be, UNLOCKED!
  11. Now Remove the GOLD CHIP from your Carrier Sim card. Now Put your carrier sim card into the iPhone alone and Enjoy using your iPhone.
  12. Now make a call to test your iPhone to see if it’s Unlocked.

Note: If you have any question please feel free to contact us here. Thank You.

Important note for those customers who’s getting, ” Sim Not Supported.”:

Maybe you put wrong ICCID code and that why it saying, ” Sim Not Supported.” To change the ICCID CODE all you have to do is try different sim card with our chip and follow all the steps. Once’s you changed the ICCID CODE using the different sim. Now put back the sim card that you want to use with our chip and follow all the steps again.

Note: Do not reset the phone or Factory reset your phone will also remove all saved chip settings. Do not upgrade IOS without confirming with us or do not change the sim.

​WORKING PERFECTLY ? Do you think we saved your some money to unlock your iPhone and Love this product, we would really appreciate you leaving us a review :)Note: Please don’t post negative review without contacting us. If it does not work , we will refund you 100% instantly without returning the item.​STILL NOT WORKING??​Message or email [email protected] with following details,

  1. Order Number 17 digit (Customer support only for our customers , 7 days a week)
  2. The original carrier of your iPhone ?
  3. The sim card which you tried to use ?

Make sure the chip and sim card are inside your phone) INSTANT 100% FULL REFUND WITHOUT RETURN​We will refund you 100% instantly without return the item if it does not work​For ‘Metro PCS Sim card’ on any iphone getting message “No service”, You need to call customer care to activate phone IMEI on your account to get the service.

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