08-20-2022 * Updates, ”Some Customer said, Gold Chip is working fine for Locked by AT&T iPhones with IOS 15.6.1” TMSI Code: 3104108

08-11-2022 * New Unlock Gold chip is working now.
Don’t update to IOS 15.6, Working IOS 15.4 & 15.5

08-11-2022 * Right now some iPhones from AT&T, Cricket, xfinity & Spectrum are having issues getting Unlock by Gold Chip.

* Now we have New Unlock Chip for iPhones. One Unlock chip for one iPhone. Buy it here
* Before you buy the Unlock chip, make sure you know which carrier locked your iPhone. If you don’t know then please check it on this website. Link

1.  Temp TMSI Unlock Method: (Only Gold chip support, white chip no work)
 If you still want to unlock att iphone(select your iphone carrier), please follow these steps( its not perfect unlock, signal is not stable.)

Please NOTE: Tmobile/sprint or AT&T/cricket is the same company,so try both carriers code if show sim not support.     
1)  plug Gold chip with your mobile sim into iphone, when menu show up, select your iPhone carrier from menu,     

2) Then select “TMSI Auto”- wait for active and signal.     
3) if no signal, then try choosing “TMSI Manual”, then go to setting- SIM application- reactive , wait for active and signal.       

  *** Must turn on Data Roaming in setting***
          (if no menu show up, you can go to setting- SIM application to do these steps.)

2. After TMSI unlock and your iPhone can’t get data or call or something else, you can try to do like this: 
Open Safari and enter www.unlockit.co.nz , create your mobile sim carrier APN setting.     

****If you CAN’T make a call after unlocked, Activate volt Lte/4G to fix it ******

This guide will show you how to enable Voice over LTE Calling (VoLTE):(Select Settings–Cellular– Data options–voice&Data–LTE, and make sure Data Roaming is on too.)

3.If your iPhone carrier is not in the menu, please select “others” at the bottom and enter the carrier code in this listing:

  • Carrier TMSI code:

 1 美国(US) AT&T 3131203/3104108

 2 美国(US) Sprint 3101200

 3 美国(US) T-Mobile 3102605

 4 美国(US) Cricket 3101501

 5 美国(US) TracFone 3114800

 6 美国(US) Xfinity 2040438/2040400

 7 美国(US) Virgin 3160101

 8 美国(US) Straight talk 3114801

 9 美国(US) Cellular LTE 3115804

 10 美国(US) Metro Pcs 3102601

 11 美国(US) Altice/Agron 3133901

 12 美国(US) Viaero 3104500

 13 美国(US) Spectrum(XF) 2040438/3114800

 14 美国(US) GSM/VZW 3101500

 15 美国(US) Visible 3114800

 16 美国(US) GCI 3113700

 17 美国(US) Wireless Alaska 3113700

 18 美国(US) Total Wireless 3114803

 19 美国(US) Cable&Wireless Lime 3461401

 20 美国(US) Boost Mobile 3160101/3160100

 21 美国(US) Three 2342091/1342073

 22 美国(US) Puerto Rico Claro 3301100

 23 日本(JP) KDDI/AU 4405160/4540492

 24 日本(JP) SoftBank 4402081/4402011

 25 日本(JP) Docomo 4401020

 26 加拿大(CA) Freedom 3024901 

 28 英国(UK) 02 2341091

 29 英国(UK) Orange 2343343

 30 英国(UK) Vodafone 2341590

 31 Austria(奥地利) Mobikom(A1) 2320100

 32 Mexico(墨西哥) lusacell 3340500

 33 Mexico(墨西哥) movistar 3340300

 34 Mexico(墨西哥) Nextel 3340100

 35 Mexico(墨西哥) Telcel 3340200

***News… Factory Unlocks:

USA AT&T Factory Unlock Service Link. USA Verizon Factory Unlock Service Link.

( You don’t need an unlock chip, just like factory unlock!!! Check Menu above. It works with Past Due Payments/GoPhone/Blacklist/ Under Contract/ Financed/Lost or Stolen.)

**** Works with iPhone 6S-13 Series with Latest iOS **

Unlock chip Notice!!!**

  • No work with Carrier Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Tracphone.
  • iPhone has unpaid bill / NOT paid off/ Lost/Blacklist   NOT work in US. It will show Sim Not Support!!!*********Only work oversea.  (Note: Under regular Contract will work, just with unpaid bill account no work )
  • GSM iPhone only support GSM network sim, like T-mobile iPhone only support h2o etc GSM sim, not support Verizon or sprint sim, it’s a hardware problem, not chip problem.
  • Not for Blacklist , lost, iCloud lock iPhone. NOT for Total wireless /Metro/Simple Mobile iPhone.
  • If you don’t rest iPhone/ update by iTunes/ change mobile sim , Phone will keep unlocking
  • You can Update iOS by OTA/wireless after unlocking.

(If you unlock your iPhone already, don’t rest iPhone/ update by itunes / change mobile sim , Phone will keep unlocking, you can update iOS by wireless/OTA)


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